bodily @pperception
( @perception corporelle )

The duration of the film is 26 minutes. The topic of this visual research is the communication between Internet users (Swiss and French) . More precisely, I’m interesting by the bodily implication of the users when they use a webcam and the software Messenger (Microsoft product). These new technologies allow  the net surfers to send images and sounds about himself (and vice versa ; in real time like direct-TV). Only the non-commercial context is concerned by this research about the intimate life of the users.
A few aesthetic choices have taken in relation with the digital and contemporary aesthetics.

I have integrated the tradition  of the visual anthropology (Margaret Mead). I have used Jean Rouch’s and David MacDougall’s principles. I agree with Sarah Pink (2003) about the modernity  of  the visual anthropology and the necessity to integrate others disciplines.  It’s the case with semiotics and phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty).

The film could be projected in a dark room like a classic film. But, it’s previous to integrate contents of this film and to create an real ethnographic hypermedia. The creation of  a visual anthropology on-line is programmed.

Director and producer : Jacques Ibanez Bueno
Co-producer : - Annecy - France
« Virtual ethnography » assistant : Valérie Chauvey
Internet, Image and  sound assistant : Amèle Bouhlel
Editor :  François Laperrière
Subtitles : Nathalie Sauron
Special thanks : Annie Aguettaz ; Sigrid Coggins ; Marc Veyrat

bodily @pperception - @perception corporelle
© Jacques Ibanez Bueno /
co-producer imagespassages Annecy France